Töfrastaðir (Icelandic for magical place) is about making a better life, advancing agriculture, creating abundance and building a community that cares.
Töfrastaðir was born from the longing for a life with smiles and a full stomach. 



We aim to become a center for permaculture in Iceland, a Permaculture Academy with a full curriculum of courses.


We work on improving our quality of life by taking responsibility for ourselves. We look at our footprint on the world and develop ways to give back, rather than taking from our surroundings. When we grow plants, we grow enough to give away and use them for new purposes. We're always looking for new, innovative ways to use materials, to change their limitations and open a whole new world of possibilities.

Töfrastaðir will host permaculture design courses every year, launching our first next summer. We aim to grown into a Permaculture school for cold climates, with a full curriculum of interesting courses.
We are currently working on making organic chicken egg production possible and profitable in Iceland. Our solution is to produce animal feed for a wide range of animals, to start with custom made organic chicken feed and then broaden our feed production. The abundance of product will be sold on the open market.
Töfrastaðir wants to host a wide variety of artists, art projects and workshops. 

Most important to us, is to be a home for those who need a place to belong and feel loved. The best compliment we've had so far, is; "Being at Töfrastadir feels like being with the family I didn't know I had."

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