Töfrastaðir collects and distributes knowledge on how to become self-reliant and how build a great food future. We organize courses/workshops/seminars and aim at becoming a school with a full curriculum 2017. Our educational emphazis is on permaculture and happiness. Töfrastaðir will publish bookslets, books, video guides and internet materials about the topics.

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Educational schedule to 2018

We took part in organizing a Permaculture Design course taught by Jan Bang and Kristín Vala in June 2014.

Happiness is one of the cornerstones that Töfrastaðir is built on. We take our happiness seriously and hope you do too. Töfrastaðir organizes courses, workshops and exercises. At the Töfrastaðir locations there are hugs in the morning, smiling excercises over the whole day and social events in the evenings.

The people of Töfrastaðir will teach permaculture for cold climate conditions. Hands on workshops, short and long courses and seminars. There will be experts from around the world and local people sharing their knowledge.
Töfrastaðir plans to host two permaculture design courses (PDC) each year and gratually increase the frequency of courses/workshops/seminars.

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